Celebrity Authentication

Posted on July 3, 2009


Regarding Twitter and celebrity accounts, I have found it amusing that by
entering the word "real" in front of a celebrity’s name it somehow
lends credibility and authenticity. I agree that social media providers
can help in reputation management, however there are challenges. One
challenge is that many of the providers are low on human resource and
financial capital. Another challenge requires balancing the
accountability aspect with not over-reaching leading to a form of

The beauty of the net is that it remains an open forum. Dare I also say
the challenge of the web is the open accessibility. I believe we are in
the midst of an evolution and discussions like this one can help us
find our way to solution.

The kicker is that social media providers ought to embrace a spirit of
being open to suggestions and not feel compelled to solve this one on
their own. Otherwise, I will find myself signing all my posts with the
word "real" in front of my name.

-The Real Steve