Philadelphia Eagles…What Fans Need To Focus On

Posted on August 15, 2009


Whether one lives in Philadelphia or, for that matter anywhere else in the US, the story of the moment is Michael Vick becoming a Philadelphia Eagle. We all agree that what Michael Vick did is inexcusable and unthinkable especially to those of us who love our pets. So, why did the Eagles want to take on all this baggage?

Anyone who lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and has followed the Eagles over the past decade understand some things of the recent history of the franchise.  Despite the team’s success of frequently making the playoffs, they have yet to win a Super bowl. On local radio sports talk, fans often express that they would trade the regular season and playoff success for one Super bowl win. So why sign Michael Vick? The mindset of the Philadelphia Eagles organization is as follows:

  • The window of opportunity for the Philadelphia Eagles to win a Super bowl is small and closing fast

  • If they win the Super bowl, this PR nightmare will go away and they will be embraced (fans have short memories)

  • The Phillies are the toast of the town and the Eagles could be all that with a Super bowl win

Do actions justify the means? Not at all. Basically, the Eagle organization and Michael Vick now must go overboard in protecting the right of animals. Will this happen? I admit I am skeptical but I will be watching.

Does simply winning a Super bowl make the negative image go away? Not at all. It still goes back to being an advocate against animal cruelty.

As far as the Phillies being the toast of the town, well it is deserved and goes well beyond winning a world series. In the area of advocacy for animals, Chase and Jennifer Utley have been proponents of animal rights for many years.  I can still remember at the Philadelphia Phillies parade the ballplayers celebrating along with their pets. They walk the walk (along side their pets!)

So, where does this leave us? Simply, we should be watching not if the Eagles are a better football team but if they do right by being advocates for pets. The clock has begun to tick. As vigilant fans of the game, I appeal to all of my fellow fans…watch closely not just the results on the football field but whether or not off the field humanistic actions are occurring.

My message to Michael Vick and Philadelphia Eagle organization…we will be watching and it goes well beyond wins and losses.

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