Unofficially Why Twitter and LinkedIn Came Together

Posted on November 11, 2009


The latest buzz in the world of social networking is trying to understand why Twitter and LinkedIn have come together. The question inevitably leads to why did Facebook and LinkedIn not form a partnership? Perhaps it has to do with technology, positioning, and interaction.

With respect to technology, we live in a fast paced world where abundant information is being processed by business professionals hastily throughout the day. Twitter deals efficiently with all this information by standardizing on a limit of 140 characters per tweet. The company has been steadfast on not breaking this standard. At first glance it may seem short sighted to impose such a limit; however, after becoming a part of the twitterverse, I must say it borders on genius. Can you imagine attempting to type significantly longer updates while being mobile AND using a smart phone? Moreover, reading longer updates on a small screen would warrant more trips to the eye doctor. Ahem, let’s not go there…I do not wish to turn this into a debate on health care reform.

Turning to positioning, there is no denying that Face book is currently the largest social network. However, when it comes to being the engine for other sites and in sharing information, Twitter has been emerging. What has me amazed about Twitter is its evolution. It goes beyond an expression of "What are you doing." Instead, Twitter is more about:

  • What’s got your attention and why
  • What would be interesting to link to
  • What is going on right now
  • What is on your mind

Creating a Twitter/LinkedIn platform where these notions can be explored more deeply with inquisitive business professionals should lead to a fascinating blend of creativity and information coming together and at lightening speed.

Thus, leading me to
interaction.  The one challenge I often hear voiced with LinkedIn is
that peers and colleagues are not being engaged. Sharing knowledge is
the backbone of what Twitter is all about. By partnering a more
knowledge sharing system, Twitter, with a robust network of business
professionals, LinkedIn, we should end up with a potentially powerful social media
As one who uses both Twitter and LinkedIn, I’m taking a deep breath as I am about to dive in the water. Let’s explore together, learn from one another, and have fun in the process.