Welcome in 2010 with a new reality show starring…you

Posted on January 2, 2010


Whether watching television programs in analog or digital, each decade seems to introduce us to a hot new video genre. Genres that come to mind over the past 40 years are:

  • Game shows in the 1960’s,
  • Police/detective shows in the 1970’s,
  • Music videos in the 1980’s,
  • Sit com’s in the 1990’s, and
  • Reality shows in the 2,000’s.

Although reality shows are a genre that had been popular over the past decade, there are distinct changes in the reality show genre as we enter 2010. The reality show has moved from your analog television screen to your digital flat high definition screen or to a PC, Mac, notebook, netbook, or even web enabled phone. As opposed to the stars being strangers, the central characters of this show are you as well as your family, friends, and acquaintances.

In order to view the new reality genre, traditional networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will not be places to find it. Instead, tune into Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media sites.

How does it feel to be a star?