Lady Google caught in a bad romance

Posted on February 12, 2010


Several months ago, Lady Gaga performed in Philadelphia where she sang, “I want your love, I don’t want to be friends…I want your bad romance.” Whether romance is defined as love or flirtation, many of Google’s romances have gone awry. Although a “Gromance” (Google romance) is not what Lady Gaga had intended, there are many to speak of:

  • Google and China
  • Google and Microsoft
  • Google and Apple
  • Google and Mozilla (Firefox)
  • Google and Facebook/Twitter

In January 2010, when Google declared it would stop censoring Chinese search results, shockwaves were sent across the business and political worlds. The issue became even more intense when Microsoft, who had been conducting business in China for over 20 years, expressed that a business must respect the laws of a country. No surprise given that Microsoft developed a search engine named BING…Because It’s Not Google.

Despite Google and Microsoft seeing the world differently, Google and Apple were a couple that had traditionally shared a rather warm romance. However, something changed causing that romance to become frigid. Google’s Android OS phones are direct competitors to Apple’s iPhone thus driving a wedge between the two companies. As a result, Apple entered into talks with Microsoft to assign BING as the default search engine for iPhone.

Not be left out of Lady Google’s bad romances are browsers. For many years Google had been a staunch supporter of Mozilla Firefox; however, the launch of Google Chrome and the aggressive promotion of the browser on the Google home page cannot be giving Mozilla much comfort.

On yet another front, Google has been an Internet trending topic at the time of this writing by announcing the launch of Google Buzz. One high tech publication categorized the social media service as a Twitter-killer. Perhaps a key driver behind the launch of Google Buzz was the company’s unsuccessful acquisition of Twitter along with Facebook‘s dramatic growth.

It has been well documented that Lady Gaga wrote Bad Romance to address being in love with one’s best friend. China, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Facebook, and Twitter are experiencing a Bad Romance with Lady Google but certainly not as best friends and not in the way Lady Gaga had intended.