Are Adobe & Apple & Google & Microsoft the modern day Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice?

Posted on April 11, 2010



At first glance, it seems like a far out title with no reference point but there is one very common theme. No, its not plastics that was another beloved film of the 1960’s.  Simply stated – mate swapping and uncertainty. There was a time Apple and Google were romantically involved, however this is far from the case today. Adobe and Apple once also shared a similar intimate relationship but that would be a far cry from yesteryear.

So who are buddies today in this four-way? Google and Adobe appear to be playing nicely together given the Android’s platform accepting flash technology. Apple and Microsoft appear to be getting along better than usual (there I said it) given the possibility of Bing becoming the search engine on iPhone. Who would have seen these changes in relationships?

It appears that the big four (Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft) will continue to prosper as smart mobile devices continue to become more a part of mainstream culture and applications evolve. As time goes on, it will be fascinating to observe these complex relationships especially to see who ends up with whom.

Like the film, “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” there is both comedy and drama involved. Back in the 1960’s, the film was being marketed with the tag line, “Consider the possibilities.”  Is there a more fitting tag line for the four-way relationship among these technology titans?