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Posted on April 27, 2010




As the world knows, Oprah Gail Winfrey will soon be departing from daytime television. The reason this has received so much notice is that she is more than a host. The show became the highest rated program of its kind in history and Oprah has formed it into a media empire for which she oversees and runs production. As a result of its success, she has been ranked as the wealthiest African American of the 20th Century and considered by many to be one of the more influential women in the world. One recent example of her influence is when Kitty Kelley, who wrote, "Oprah: A Biography," discovered road blocks to promoting her book. In other words, shows would not interview Kelley because her research challenges some of Oprah’s talking points. Whether in agreement with Kelley or not, there is no denying the power of Oprah.

With the traditional media talk show winding down, Oprah’s devoted fans will be able to connect with her whenever and wherever they want with the launch of Oprah Mobile. The application features a weekly calendar of what is airing on the show, alerts and notifications about the availability of reservations for the show, and exclusive updates regarding what is in the works. The application also gives fans access to the latest articles and photo galleries from Oprah.com as well as her magazine.

Angelela DePaul, a spokeswoman at Harpo Productions recently stated, “The strategy behind the launch of the smartphone app is to expand into digital media and to make our content accessible on all platforms. Devoted fans will be able to connect with her whenever and wherever they want with the launch of Oprah Mobile from Hands-On Mobile." In essence, viewers will have access to content 24/7 from their mobile screen. The application allows users search capability of their favorite experts, guests and contributors such as Suze Orman, Deepak Chopra and Peter Walsh. Consumers can even check out Oprah’s latest polls and view how other people are voting in their area. Users are also able to share their favorite application items via email Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also keep up with Oprah’s tweets via the application. Oprah Mobile is available to download for iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre and Google’s Android.

As mobile continues to emerge and go more main steam, it will be interesting to see how and when other media outlets follow suit. To stay on top of this media evolution, feel free to stay in touch.

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