The Party Animal’s Dog-matic Affect On Brand

Posted on July 10, 2010



Nearly one year ago, I blogged that we will be watching closely to see if Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles act responsibly with respect to animal advocacy. Little did I know then that 11 months later Vick would be drawing attention as a party animal. As acknowledged by Vick, he sponsored an open to the public birthday party that included a gun shooting of a former dog fighting criminal associate with whom the court had forbidden Vick to have had any contact.


Michael Vick is on a short leash due to the horrific crimes he has committed. Legally Vick may not have violated his probation, although this is under investigation. However, Vick’s choices demonstrate an irreverence towards the Eagles and others whom have pleaded for him to be given a second chance.

Given that Michael Vick’s personal brand is harming the master brand, the Philadelphia Eagles, there is only one solution.  The Eagles must release Vick of his duties and the organization must fight for animal rights (per their promise at the time they hired him). Actions speak louder than words. Eagles management argued ad nauseam that hiring Vick was about giving one a second chance.  Vick had ample opportunity to seize the moment but made different choices. As a result, the Philadelphia Eagles have been handed only one choice or they will further damage their brand.