Something seems terribly wrong about libraries closing

Posted on August 7, 2010


I love technology. I love social media. I love to learn. I love reading. I love reading online. I love reading offline. Libraries are closing in Camden, NJ. Not one library, but the entire library system. There is no denying we are experiencing challenging economic times, however to close the library system?

As a trained marketing research professional, I identify trends. Given recent cuts made to libraries in Queens, NY, is this a national trend? Do libraries initially close in Camden, NJ then in other cities across this great nation? Will college campuses be spared? Or, is this a one off situation? If a one off situation, does it  not seem that Camden, NJ would require library resources as much (if not more) than most communities?

Libraries possess rich resources and most have been updated to include WIFI (free internet) service. In adddition, they are integral parts of robust networks where we can find information that will not be found at a local coffee shop.

Paul LeClerc, president of the New York Public Library, expressed that he began noticing a large increase in library attendance when the stock market went into its steep decline. According to Mr. LeClerc,

“We’ve got more people visiting us (library) now than we’ve had in half a century.”

Educators, principals, teachers, students, people please chime in…

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