The return of a tasty brand – glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts are back

Posted on October 2, 2010


Growing up in the Deep South, I have fond childhood memories of watching warm glazed doughnuts coming off of a conveyor belt. They would be eaten while still warm. Eventually Krispy Kreme franchises opened throughout the US and the country found itself anticipating new locations. People from all walks of life were lining up for those indescribable delights. Then, almost overnight, stores began closing and the company found itself filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What had once been a Wall Street darling became irrelevant.

Much to my surprise, Krispy Kreme has been a trending topic across many social networks today. The company has expanded into Asia and its stock risen by over 18% in the past month. The company has appeared to have reached a sound fiscal position. Philadelphia, which had large locations shut down in the city and suburbs, will be welcoming back Krispy Kreme. Keep your eyes open for the red light signifying that hot doughnuts are about to be sold. Brands can come back so watch your calories.