Twitter rolling out new interface – A Whole New World that can be improved

Posted on October 7, 2010


As many who use twitter have recently discovered, the social networking site is rolling out a new web interface. The new interface incorporates much of the functionality found in using a twitter client (i.e. tweetdeck or seesmic). One particular advantage of using a twitter client is that the user can determine whether or not to apply the sleeker interface or to go with a more bare bones experience. Once the final cut over is made to the new interface, the streamlined interface goes away. Thus, in order to experience a more stripped down version of twitter, a user would need to use their mobile device.

Suggestion: Twitter ought to give users the ability to run twitter in an enhanced mode (new user interface) or in native (legacy) mode. Offering flexibility will empower the user to drive the type of environment he or she desires. Users determining their environment…imagine that?!?!?!

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