Have it your way but not with Facebook – no more third party application tabs

Posted on November 10, 2010


At least Burger King allows the customer to have it his or her way. Not Facebook. In case you haven’t noticed, third party application tabs have been removed. Instead of being able to customize tabs to your favorite applications, you are now limited to mundane Facebook apps such as photos, videos, etc. You have lost the ability to personalize. This brash move drove me to read message boards in order to determine how others feel. I did not have to look far to see that my disappointment is shared by many others. A few quotes by Facebook users summarize the sentiment:

What is going on?!? If they take away tabs what is the point in having applications? You won’t be able to display the applications you want people to see and people who visit your profile won’t be able to interact with them.

I’m really ticked off. First they take away boxes and now tabs. They are making any apps, which are not games, completely unusable.

All the personal touches are going away. I love my apps.

As I wrote in “Worlds Collide,” relationships both personal and professional will at times collide in social networking. It is up to us to determine whether to blend social circles or keep them separate. By Facebook not empowering consumers with the ability of making choices, application developers will band together to develop apps and deploy them elsewhere. Eventually apps will end up in an environment where people can use them.

To those running Facebook, a history lesson is in order. Why has the iPhone taken off? Apps. Why has Android grown dramatically? Apps. A less open architecture is like doing a “Sony.” Remember Beta, mini CD and 8 mm? Lack of customization is not what people want. It’s a shame.

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