Honesty In Sales – Priceless

Posted on November 27, 2010


It was Black Friday and I ventured out. Being a lover of tech gadgets, I found myself in a Staples Office store browsing among a wide variety of Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, and PC’s.  Next thing I know, I’m approached by a salesperson who asked if I could use some help. At that point, I mention that I’m interested in a Tablet, likely an Apple iPad. Next, he presents limited alternatives and without hesitation, expresses that based on my needs they do not carry what would best meet my needs. Immediately, he makes suggestions which were not part of their inventory and why it would be my better choice.

Anyone from corporate headquarters reading should not reprimand but embrace such an employee. What a great salesperson!  He may not have realized it at the time but he won over a customer.  In spite of not purchasing from him on that day, he will be seeing me again and he accomplished something in a short period of time that many in sales long to accomplish – TRUST.



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