NeoMedia Technologies, a pioneer in 2D barcode, makes life easier

Posted on March 1, 2011


Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Laura Marriott, the CEO of NeoMedia Technologies. I first met Laura when she took on the leadership role at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Under her watch, the MMA exploded in growth and evolved into a global organization establishing national and international best practices and guidelines for mobile marketing.

To re-engage with Laura was truly a privilege. Knowing that her passion has always been centered on implementing technology that meets the highest ethical standards and serves the interests of the consumer, I found myself conversing with a business leader who “gets it.” To that end, it became evident early in our chat that Laura has carried these elements forward as a centerpiece in how NeoMedia Technologies, a pioneer in 2D barcode, is approaching mobile solutions. To further the point, when I asked Laura if there was one area of the NeoMedia technologies website she would direct a business professional or consumer, she immediately directed me to their white paper, “2D Mobile barcodes – A Definitive Guide.” After our chat, I explored that part of the site to only be pleasantly surprised by the strength of the content and how I needed to go about accessing the material. The content stands on its own merit and I highly suggest reading it. Interestingly, to obtain the white paper, one must download the NeoReader application onto his/her mobile device, scan the barcode, and then a PIN is provided enabling immediate access to the white paper. Not only did the process work efficiently but provided me a hand-on user experience in 2D barcode.

So, why is 2D barcode relevant? Quite simply, it allows immediate connectivity via a simple scan (snapshot) with a mobile device as opposed to the old way of having to enter long hyperlinks. Besides the time it takes to enter a hyperlink, user error associated with entry has been eliminated. Thus, NeoMedia has taken a nearly universal technique and transformed it to work seamlessly on mobile devices. As mobile devices continue to be an integral part of our lives, connecting in seamless ways will become the norm. Applications are endless or as the NeoReader website expresses, “possibilities are endless.”

Once again form factors have become multi-purpose. What was once solely a Smartphone camera is now also a code scanner. Check out this new way of connecting and accessing: News/information, Weather forecasts, Sightseeing/tourist trips.

Simply have your Smartphone camera nearby and click: news/information, weather forecasts, and sightseeing/ tourist trips with a simple click of your phone camera.

The future has arrived.



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