What a Bleeping Wiener

Posted on June 6, 2011


For any of us who have had our accounts hacked, Representative Weiner just minimized the significance of that action.  By lying about having his Twitter account hacked, it will seem that when hacking really does occur, victims are crying “wolf.”

When an account is hacked, it feels like a violation of one’s mind and spirit.  It is identity theft.  The congressman has not only lied (as he admits) to himself and his family but to all of us who go online to share and learn.  When working with business professionals, college students, and everyday people on smart practices in social media, we often start with be “yourself.”  Keep it real. 

Weiner’s lying undermines good work many leaders in social media have done.  Social media has flourished into a wonderful communication vehicle that empowers us to:

  • Discover new information,
  • Share with others, and
  • Engage in meaningful conversation. 

Thus, when the story first broke, regardless of political affiliation, there was sympathy for the congressman. Now, anger is a more fitting emotion.


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