Steve is a holistic marketing professional and entrepreneur who leverages a strong background in customer experience, marketing research, and social media to enhance customer relationships among small, medium, and large businesses. His unique talent comes from combining diverse research methodology skills with a deep knowledge of social media and marketing. Steve’s consultative 360 degree approach involves closely listening and drilling down on client goals in order to customize specific solutions.  In the end, stakeholder objectives are met with highly actionable outcomes.

Steve has been working in social media before the term became widely used; he began working with commercial online services throughout the 1990’s. More recently, Steve has successfully worked with a wide variety of small businesses, mid-market, and enterprises in high tech, telecommunications, business services, and consumer goods. Some of the better known tech organizations Steve has worked with include: AOL, AT&T, HP, IBM, Lucent, Microsoft, Mobile Marketing Association, Motorola, MSN, Oovo, Samsung, and SONY.   

Steve’s professional career began while he attended college working part time as a marketing research interviewer then later as a phone room supervisor and manager. Upon graduation, he was hired as a marketing research project manager dedicated to the IBM account. This provided Steve with a strong background in business-to-business and technology oriented marketing research and call center.  Thereafter, he worked with consumer goods and services organizations such as P&G, KFC, and an array of advertising agencies. Next, he was promoted to oversee globally the Microsoft, HP and Lucent accounts. Subsequently, he led a tech and telecommunications unit for a global provider of marketing research services.

In addition to running Strat360, Steve oversees a non-profit DontDuit, Inc whose focus is on raising awareness of driving under the influence of technology. Steve also writes a local social media column that can be found on Examiner. Steve graduated with a degree in Marketing from Temple University and resides in Bucks County, PA.

Favorite quotes…

“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”

~George Carlin

“Give until it feels good.”


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