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The return of a tasty brand – glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts are back

October 2, 2010


Growing up in the Deep South, I have fond childhood memories of watching warm glazed doughnuts coming off of a conveyor belt. They would be eaten while still warm. Eventually Krispy Kreme franchises opened throughout the US and the country found itself anticipating new locations. People from all walks of life were lining up for […]

Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than a Tastykake, however…

September 28, 2010


We watch Phillies baseball on television, listen to games on the radio. We can recite the Jingle, Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than a Tastykake. Yet, we go to Citizen’s ballpark and a Tastykake cannot be found. So, recently during a ballgame, I expressed this sentiment on twitter. I received a response from The Tasty […]

Saddens me to have been right this time

May 8, 2010


PepsiCo Conducts Review for $25M Tropicana Pure Premium Account – Advertising Age – Agency News  Over one year ago, I blogged about how one of my favorite brands, Tropicana, had lost its way.  Tropicana Orange Juice, in the bright container, became like all other generic brands as it changed over to no frills-like packaging. The […]

Market Research, Packaging, and the Customer

April 21, 2009


Great products and brands have significance in our lives.  We know that we can rely on these products; they consistently perform and bring us satisfation and happiness.   Our feelings have grown over time due to the total customer experience derived from the product.  These feelings are a function of both the product and its packaging.  After all, it is difficult to think of […]