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Tumblr Outage Underscores The Unaccepted Instability of Social Networks

December 6, 2010


We read our favorite blogs. We communicate and share information with others. We get news in real time. Then, suddenly it goes dark. Major issues occur within database clusters causing servers to go down. Servers remain down for more than 15 hours. We go to one of our favorite social media websites and are assured […]

Social media does not replace marketing research professionals – insight requires people

November 19, 2010


Being part of the MRA’s (Marketing Research Association’s) panel this week, “Get Plugged In: Social Media and Marketing Research,” stimulated a conversation on whether social media will in many instances replace marketing research professionals. As I discussed during my presentation, social networking is about people having the means to connect, engage, and share. Marketing research […]

Have it your way but not with Facebook – no more third party application tabs

November 10, 2010


At least Burger King allows the customer to have it his or her way. Not Facebook. In case you haven’t noticed, third party application tabs have been removed. Instead of being able to customize tabs to your favorite applications, you are now limited to mundane Facebook apps such as photos, videos, etc. You have lost […]

Consumers Will Determine Fate of Starbucks Latest Move – Coffee, Tea, or Me…Or is it Wine?

October 20, 2010


For many of us, our day begins with a cup of coffee. Whether we run on Dunkin, buy our favorite brand from a local grocer, run to the convenience store or order from our favorite barista, there is no denying that America loves coffee. Coffee is not just a morning beverage but it is a […]

I’ve Been Searching So Long To Find An Answer – State of Web Search

October 14, 2010


According to comScore data, the state of search engine market share has Google leading by a lot, Yahoo in second but falling slightly, Microsoft Bing in third and remaining flat. As my life goes on I believe Somehow something’s changed Something deep inside Ooh a part of me There’s a strange new light in my […]

Nice Of Gap To Remember John Lennon – Power To The People

October 13, 2010


John Lennon would have celebrated his 70th birthday on October 10, 2010. Unintentionally, the Gap paid the former Beatle tribute. Last week, the company revealed a new logo on its Web site but since has taken it back due to an outcry of customer demand. The famous apparel maker, which has considerable market share in […]

Twitter rolling out new interface – A Whole New World that can be improved

October 7, 2010


As many who use twitter have recently discovered, the social networking site is rolling out a new web interface. The new interface incorporates much of the functionality found in using a twitter client (i.e. tweetdeck or seesmic). One particular advantage of using a twitter client is that the user can determine whether or not to […]

Would you wear a mask to a business meeting? Online profiles: a brilliant disguise vs keeping it real

September 22, 2010


Is it you or a brilliant disguise? ~ Bruce Springsteen Today I attended a virtual conference and, prior to presentations, many attendees gathered in the lounge to meet and network. Following are some observations on what I saw along with suggestions on how to make the experience a more productive use of time. If you […]

Not Your Daddy’s Old Spice – Brand Reinvention

July 28, 2010


Growing up, many of us recall the fragrance Old Spice that our dads wore. For some 71 years, Old Spice has been a staple on the shelves of mass market retailers and drug stores. In order to stay relevant, Old Spice has evolved into the digital age. With an ambitious YouTube media campaign and a […]

David Letterman's top 10 signs you spend too much time on twitter

July 2, 2010


10. You miss son’s soccer game waiting for Lady GaGa to post what she had for lunch 9. You answer the phone: “Twello?” 8. You’ve spent millions developing iPhone waterproofing technology so you can tweet in the shower 7. You haven’t touched your CB radio in months 6. You ask yourself, “What would Jesus tweet?” […]