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Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than a Tastykake, however…

September 28, 2010


We watch Phillies baseball on television, listen to games on the radio. We can recite the Jingle, Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than a Tastykake. Yet, we go to Citizen’s ballpark and a Tastykake cannot be found. So, recently during a ballgame, I expressed this sentiment on twitter. I received a response from The Tasty […]

Misleading statistics – a lesson from Phillies baseball

August 27, 2010


As a marketing research professional, all too often I see people trust data as gospel based on it’s face value. This is dangerous. Yet, conventional wisdom would suggest that a statistic is a statistic. Let’s examine. In baseball, one measurement used for gauging a hitter’s performance is batting average. In today’s game, a batting average of .300 or […]

Vancouver Olympics and social media buzz

February 28, 2010


The Nielsen Company measured online buzz around Olympic athletes and found that skiers Lindsey Vonn (U.S.) and Alexandre Bilodeau (Canada) are the most discussed gold medal athletes for their respective countries. Since the Olympics are still in progress, this may change given the men’s final hockey game pitting the US against Canada for the gold […]

Tale of a Tiger – once a 1984 movie, now a social media hit on a small screen near you

December 15, 2009


Prior to Thanksgiving of 2009, Tale of a Tiger had an uplifting meaning. It was the story of a young boy fascinated by flight having the desire to take a dilapidated plane and rehabilitating it so it could fly again. A young boy’s courage to take to the skies is a heart warming image. Fast […]

Philadelphia Eagles…What Fans Need To Focus On

August 15, 2009


Whether one lives in Philadelphia or, for that matter anywhere else in the US, the story of the moment is Michael Vick becoming a Philadelphia Eagle. We all agree that what Michael Vick did is inexcusable and unthinkable especially to those of us who love our pets. So, why did the Eagles want to take […]