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Flying Coast To Coast on 9/10 Does Not Leave One Feeling Lucky on 9/11

September 10, 2011


Flying from East Coast to West Coast on 9/10 seemed pretty ordinary. We boarded our flights, departed on time, arrived on schedule.  Even enjoyed an early evening dinner, which seemed par for the course, given the fine seafood restaurants in the area.  The following morning everything changed. I needed to wake up extraordinarily early (5AM […]

Fundamentally Speaking: Back To The Basics in Marketing Research

August 22, 2011


In marketing research, we are frequently faced with getting answers faster and for less investment. In the current business climate, we have become all too familiar with the term “doing more with less.” During a recent NY / Philadelphia MRA conference, we heard repeatedly that it is not only the marketing research supplier facing these […]

10 Brand Names Gone, But Not Forgotten | Business News

August 18, 2011


BOSTON (MainStreet) — Old brands never die — they just fade away until someone figures a way to capitalize on the nostalgia for them. From candy to retailers, even the biggest names can fall out of favor. Some disappear forever while others just become harder to find. Eventually — if enough folks start playing “remember […]

Why the Supreme Court Decision on Youth and Video Games is Just Plain Wrong

July 2, 2011


Justice Scalia compared video games to classic books, cartoons, and other form of entertainment.  In his argument for allowing young people to freely play violent video games, he associated the violence in a video game to that of a Grimm Tale.  Mr. Scalia obviously does not understand one major difference between reading a book with […]

Cottage cheese battle pays off: Prices in Israel are reduced after boycott, Facebook campaign | j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California

July 1, 2011


jerusalem  |   A high-profile Facebook protest has scored a victory for consumers in Israel: Their threats of a boycott have forced dairy manufacturers to lower the price of cottage cheese by some 25 percent. The two-week campaign drew more than 105,000 people to join a Facebook group vowing to boycott the Israeli staple until prices […]

Last Day for NJN – New Jersey Public Television Goes Dark due to Christie & NJ State Senate

June 30, 2011


Thank You and Farewell from NJN Dear Friends, Thank you for being a partner in public media with us for over forty years. You – our members, our viewers, our listeners – have made NJN possible. Over the years, you’ve looked to NJN to tell the stories from your communities and to keep you informed […]

What a Bleeping Wiener

June 6, 2011


For any of us who have had our accounts hacked, Representative Weiner just minimized the significance of that action.  By lying about having his Twitter account hacked, it will seem that when hacking really does occur, victims are crying “wolf.” When an account is hacked, it feels like a violation of one’s mind and spirit.  […]