Would you wear a mask to a business meeting? Online profiles: a brilliant disguise vs keeping it real

Posted on September 22, 2010


Is it you or a brilliant disguise?

~ Bruce Springsteen

Today I attended a virtual conference and, prior to presentations, many attendees gathered in the lounge to meet and network. Following are some observations on what I saw along with suggestions on how to make the experience a more productive use of time.

If you were going to a business meeting would you wear a mask? Avatars are fun but we want to see people when engaging. We want to feel that our connection is on a human level and not human to cartoon character. Use a real photo. An insufficient profile is basically like dealing with no one. A profile should include your company, what you do, your geo and a photo. It seems basic to have a brief profile but many have not taken the time to fill one out. In several instances, profiles included a photo yet omitted a person’s name, employer, and bio. Do not ask a question to a room full of people such as,

How do you use social media?

A question as broad as how one uses social media to a room full of people is like asking how one might solve world peace. Needless to say, no one responded to such a far reaching question.Don’t be afraid of virtual. Virtual meetings are just a different way of communicating. One should have the same comfort level as using the telephone.

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