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I’ve Been Searching So Long To Find An Answer – State of Web Search

October 14, 2010


According to comScore data, the state of search engine market share has Google leading by a lot, Yahoo in second but falling slightly, Microsoft Bing in third and remaining flat. As my life goes on I believe Somehow something’s changed Something deep inside Ooh a part of me There’s a strange new light in my […]

Are Adobe & Apple & Google & Microsoft the modern day Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice?

April 11, 2010


  At first glance, it seems like a far out title with no reference point but there is one very common theme. No, its not plastics that was another beloved film of the 1960’s.  Simply stated – mate swapping and uncertainty. There was a time Apple and Google were romantically involved, however this is far […]

Lady Google caught in a bad romance

February 12, 2010


Several months ago, Lady Gaga performed in Philadelphia where she sang, “I want your love, I don’t want to be friends…I want your bad romance.” Whether romance is defined as love or flirtation, many of Google’s romances have gone awry. Although a “Gromance” (Google romance) is not what Lady Gaga had intended, there are many […]